Is Expensive Web Design Worth It?

Successful marketing strategies are one of the main reasons businesses thrive and stay alive. There are many different strategies to consider when planning advertising for any company. There are business cards, personalized email addresses, websites, newspapers, magazines and more. Considering the habits of people in today's times, a proven main source of successful marketing is through a website. A website shows that the company is active and displays what services or products are offered by the company. Millions of people are searching the internet every minute of every day, offering the opportunity for more traffic to a website and possibly more clients or customers to the company.

A profitable website does not have to be expensive. There are many web design templates that are already pre-programmed by larger hosts, such as Yahoo! Business. They offer email addresses to each employee that reflects your business name. An example would be This option comes with a custom website address that is consistent the email addresses, for example, Experience in creating websites is not necessary with these pre-made templates. Large hosts like this offer a wizard that "holds your hand" and guides you through simple steps that have a sophisticated and rewarding outcome. There are approximately 40 templates to choose from with different colors and graphics already programmed. The creator is able to choose how many tabbed pages to add to their website and the content included is totally up to the creator. It is very simple to create and only costs about $38 per quarter (three-four months) for the website hosting and the email addresses.

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Many web design hosts also offer a tracking area that the primary company representative has access to review. This shows how many people have visited the site, visited each page on the site and on which day they visited. This is a great tool to decide if the website is being useful depending on how many visits have occurred on the site. It also assists with search engine optimization (SEO) by giving you the option to submit the information to large search engines like Google. That option is allowed every week or so to ensure the websites content is being available on these search engines. There are many web design hosting companies offering this service at a very reasonable rate and the sites look fabulous and very professional once completed. They don't usually offer all the "bells and whistles" of music and pop up videos on the sites, however, those options really aren't necessary and they are not what make a site professional or credible.

There are many hosting services that require thousands of dollars to have a site created. These sites may look and seem high tech; however, they do not bring more profit or more customers. Sometimes all the extra features make it difficult to navigate, depending on the applications that are added on the site and the internet speed of the viewer. These challenges encourage a viewer to close their browser and search on another site.

A website is meant to promote and market a company as a source to attract customers. As long as the site is easy to access, easy to navigate through and is informative and professional, that is all that matters. Web design does not have to be expensive.


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