UK Short Term Car Insurance Helps Drivers Economise

Need car insurance but don't want to pay for it yet? You could always try no deposit car insurance from However UK short term car insurance, in which drivers can be insured quickly and easily for a period of a few days, weeks, or months, encourages thriftiness and economy in a number of ways. In todayís global economic crisis, this is always a helpful trend. Letís take a look at a few of the ways temporary car insurance helps people save money: or you can go here for more in-depth information. Need to buy the very cheapest car insurance? Try

Shared Fuel Consumption

One way in which UK temporary car insurance helps people to save money is that it encourages people to lend each other their cars more often. Since it is so easy to buy these policies quickly and inexpensively, people are much more apt to lend vehicles to friends or relatives because of the reduced financial risk involved. This means that overall, more people are driving fewer cars, and thus the average petrol expenditure per person is less. Mostly when people lend cars to each other, the one borrowing the car is more than happy to pay for petrol. And if several people ride in a car at once they may all share the cost of the fuel. Taken together this can represent a decrease in average petrol expenditures and a freer access to vehicles.

Less Need to Purchase Cars

People, especially the over 50s often shy away from lending and borrowing vehicles in an informal way because of the financial risk alone. They reason that if the car borrower were to have an accident and their policy doesnít cover this driver, they could be liable for huge costs. Thus the safer thing to do financially if this type of insurance is not available is for people to buy their own vehicles and insure them. However, since short term policies are easily found and purchase in the UK, a different tendency is encouraged. Sharing cars among friends is quite cost effective and low risk, so it is favoured as an option more often than each person buying their individual cars. People thus need to devote less allocation of funds to purchase and repair of their own vehicles, and can often borrow a friendís car during times of their life when they are not interested in spending money on the purchase of a vehicle of their own.

Cheaper and Easier than Adding to Existing Insurances

Taking out a temporary policy is usually cheaper, and certainly much easier, than adding a new driver to an existing policy. New drivers can often only be added for specified periods that are longer than those during which the new driver actually needs to use the vehicle. Thus money and time are saved by using temporary policies. The time saved in buying these policies can be seen as a kind of savings in itself, allowing people to attend to more important work related activities.

Savings on Public Transportation

Another way to view the savings that are achieved by short term policies is in terms of savings on public transportation costs. If someone can borrow a friendís car rather than take a bus, train, or plane, they will often be able to save money on transportation costs. This depends on a number of variables of course, but very often the cost of petrol for a trip is less than the cost of public transportation, especially for moderate to long distances. This is certainly the case, of course, with air travel. If you add carpooling (many people riding in the same car) to this, there is a definite savings, as all the people riding can help share petrol costs.

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